Being our specialty, weddings are where we truly excel. What do you want from your wedding event? How do you envision it? Who do you entrust this incredibly important task to? Since we specialize in weddings our entire company’s philosophy is completely devoted to making your wedding dreams a reality. With Gold Ring, the possibilities for your Ceremony and Reception are endless. This focus comes through in every aspect of the events that we host. From the equipment that we use, the personnel that we have and the variety of choices available, what separates us from the pack is that this is all that we do! Wouldn’t it be better to have someone take care of your event that specializes in only that instead of doing everything under the sun? We think so! contact us and find out what the difference is with Gold Ring. You’ll be glad you did!

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

  • We are wedding specialists and because of this we know how to build in special interactive events that no other company does. After it’s all said and done, these are the things that you and your guests will remember.
  • You have the opportunity to meet with your DJ, Host, or Musicians several months ahead of your event and again approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the event itself. This ensures a smoothly run event for you and your guests.
  • Our equipment is beyond comparison in the industry. With the average sound system costing anywhere from $500 to $1000, almost anyone can DJ an event. We use only State-of-the-Art BOSE Integrated Tower Speakers, which have unparalleled and extremely even sound dispersal. For a BOSE Twin Tower System the cost is approximately $5500 making it about 10 times the cost of the average DJ’s speaker system! The benefit to you is that they are designed specifically for events like weddings. Beware of the ‘speaker-on-a-stand’ with only one big speaker and a horn! These are designed more for power and affordability and do not disperse sound very well. Don’t seat your guests in front of these speakers! In addition, most cordless microphones have a mere 100-foot range that deteriorates as the evening progresses. We use professional grade, Line-6, Cordless microphones that have a 300-foot range and can transmit a wireless signal even through block walls. It performs under a completely different frequency band than other cordless microphones which makes ‘interference’ from radio, airplanes, or other microphones impossible.
  • All of our DJ’s have provided entertainment for a minimum of 200 weddings.
  • We have drawings for our existing clients all the time so even after the agreement is made, you may receive a discounted or completely free upgrade to your event such as uplighting, extra time, or other custom effects!