Wedding Planning & Coordination

Wedding Planning & Coordination are 2 completely different things. You many need only one of the other or both. Here’s how they both break down:

Wedding Planning is usually what people need the most. It involves before the wedding planning and it can encompass such items as acquiring vendors, getting discounts for you, designing decorations of all kinds, designing the seating arrangements and Reception layout, table linens, centerpieces, Ceremony design… the list can be very long! There are times when some of these items you are taking care of yourself and you need someone to take care of the other items and BRING IT ALL TOGETHER. For busy people, this can be a lifesaver! It just takes time to do and it takes much more time for someone doing it for their first time (Bride) rather than someone that does it all of the time. This is a fantastic gift to the Bride! For peace of mind and just plain enjoyment of your wedding, this option can be a great one.

Wedding Coordination is generally referred to as ‘Day of Coordination’. It consists of the Coordinator being there on the Wedding Day and making sure that everything comes together. Depending on the ‘style’ of the Bride (and the Venue) this can be wonderful to have as security that everything comes off without a hitch. WHatever your needs YOU decide what is best for your.

Full Coordination is having it all! Both Wedding Planning and Day of Coordination is the ‘Full Boat’ option that ensures you will be well taken care of in every aspect of your event.



The Wedding Planner

  • Ensures ‘peace of mind’ that everything is taken care of prior to your event
  • Packages can be ‘tailor-made’ to suit anyone. If you wish to take care of certain items in your wedding and not others, that’s no problem at all. We’ll pull it all together for you!
  • You benefit from our contacts throughout the industry and receive special discounting not available to the public. Remember, you are the only ONE client to a Vendor. We represent hundreds of potential clients that we can bring to them. They will discount for this every time.
  • You benefit from years of expertise and knowledge that can save you time, energy, and give you fabulous ideas on how to make your Wedding Day become all you hoped it would be.
  • Allows you to ‘De-Stress’ and just enjoy the whole process of not only your wedding, but everything leading up to it as well. You’ll love it!