Lighting & Effects

Other than DJ lighting for the dance floor, there are many other lighting options that are available to you to enhance your event. Uplighting, Fog Lighting, Mist LIghting, Bubble Machines, Soft Spotlighting, Gobo LIghting, Laser Lighting and many others can add an immense amount to any event that you have. Remember, once the main lights go down, any extra lighting effects that you have in the room will immediately come to the forefront, transforming the mood of a room dramatically! Take a look at some of our gallery photos to get an idea of just how much lighting can add to your event.

Lightscaping Your Event!

  • Adds punch to your event without any work on your part
  • Many effects are inexpensive
  • Your Wedding will stand out even more in your memory in pictures and Video
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Very compact and small, our lighting has little effect on the aesthetics of your Event.
  • Guests love it
  • Mixing and Matching different effects together really makes a tantastic impact!