Grand Piano Ceremony

How many weddings have you attended in your lifetime? Are you tired of the same old DJ’d wedding, or even the typical hard or string quartet? Would you like something truly unique that none of your guests have EVER seen or experienced?

Welcome to the Digital Grand Piano! About 4 years ago we invested in this incredible $15,000 instrument that has ALL of the sounds of the orchestra in it and more. It does sound like the most incredible Grand Piano on the planet. But it also can do or sound like anyhting that you can dream up.


Grand Piano-01-Source

Imagine your own professional pianist playing LIVE that perfect music for your occasion. Would you like Concert Grand Piano with The London Philharmonic Strings playing along? How about the traditional Pipe Organ with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the background? Want something a little more up to date? How about something by ‘Train’ or the ‘Black Eyed Peas’ or any other artist, fully orchestrated? There is no end to what you can have. It’s an experience that neither you nor your guests will ever forget!

Each and every time we perform a wedding where the client opts for this experience the comments they receive from their guests is amazing. It ranges anywhere from surprise to delight to just pure enjoyment. No one has ever seen something like this, Outdoors, that sounds and looks like this does. The photographers love it. It’s nice for once to have a live musician playing a wedding that actually adds to the LOOK of the wedding too! If it’s within your budget, this is a great option for anyone. Rest assured, you’ll never be accused of having the ‘same old wedding’ as anyone else!

The Grand Piano Experience

  • Gorgeous Gloss Black with Raised Lid for a Dramatic Look
  • Can be used virtually anywhere, indoors or outside.
  • Truly unique
  • Any style of music available to be played
  • Requests are welcome
  • Memory of a Lifetime