Great equipment is usually never considered when hiring a DJ company. Who knows? You may get 20-year old speakers that crackle and microphones that have too many miles on them! It’s always a good idea to consider what quality of equipment a company has.

Why We’re Simply Better

  • We use BOSE Tower L1 Model II system with B2 Bass Speakers. To our knowledge, no one else uses this type of speakers system. With unbelievably high quality sound and great sound dispersion, (and a much better look) they cost about 10-times as much as the typical DJ “Speaker-on-a-Stand”.
  • Microphones are a large component in any Formal Event. We use only patented, Professional Grade, Line-6, V75-40V microphones, the ultimate in the industry. Cordless microphones typically have a mere 100-foot range that deteriorates as the evening progresses. That can be an issues since items such as the formal toasting of the Bride & Groom occurs about 3 hours into the event after the Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Dinner. Our microphones have a 300-foot range and can transmit a wireless signal even through block walls. It also performs on a completely different frequency band than other cordless microphones making ‘interference’ from radio, airplanes, or other wireless microphones impossible.
  • We have no less than 2 Full Backup INdependent Systems in place at all times. Although doubtful that it would ever be needed, it’s always good to be prepared.
  • A full ‘Surround’ keeps your guests from viewing our DJ equipment on the DJ table for a very clean, polished look.. This is unusual as usually DJ equipment just sits on top of the DJ’s table with knobs, switches, and cords in view of your guests and photographer’s pictures.
  • Unique effects available such as the ‘Dance-on-a-Cloud’ effect, Uplighting, Color Wash, GoBo Lighting, and many other effects that can add unforgettable memories to your event.
  • The incredible Digital Grand Piano is available for Cocktail Hour, Dinner Hour, or Ceremonies. Add one of our Award Winning Vocalists to that and you have an incredible combination!