Candy Station

Dazzle your guests with an elegant Candy Buffet Station! Always a hit with your guests, our Candy Stations are unique. Using our design and lighting expertise the presentation is just jaw-dropping. Usually using your 2 most prominent wedding colors, we will craft a Candy STation completely unique for you. All candy Containers have separate bases with countersunk LED lights that cause the glass to ‘glow’ with the color of your choice. The result is breathtaking. To our knowledge NO ONE else does it like this. Guaranteed, you will love this gorgeous addition to your Wedding Reception.



Candy Buffet Delight!

  • 2 Colors of candy available to enhance your presentation
  • LED accent lighting really makes your Candy Station gorgeous!
  • Sparkle strips and Ribbons further enhance the presentation
  • Scoops and Clear Candy Bags provided
  • Guests love it
  • Many, many different candies to choose from
  • You can have as much or as little candy as you like
  • t makes for great pictures!
  • Something inexpensive in lieu of Hors-d’oeuvres for your guests to snack on before dinner.
  • Sugar-free candy is available
  • You can be as involved in the design as you’d like